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The Celebration Coach ~ Nancy Francisco ~ Springfield, MA in Western MA ~ Parenting and Life Coach


"Working with Nancy,  provided a perfect blend of being cared for and challenged while remaking my life after a divorce.  

Nancy guided me on the journey of reconnecting with myself and redesigning my life. How to more fully meet my needs. How to have more fun with my children, have greater focus at work, find time for creativity and connection with friends.

With Nancy's help and suggestions, I took care of business, and discovered new ways of connecting with my children.  I laughed and cried and came away with greater self-confidence.  

I highly recommend Nancy to help you through the next transition or stuck point in your life."  


"When I first started with Nancy, my image of myself was of a little hamster running endlessly on a wheel, or a bent-over drudge trudging up a hill.  

A demanding job, long work weeks, worries about my health and finances, along with plagues of clutter and the feeling that I wasn't doing anything well, pretty much sums up how I was feeling.  

Nancy has helped me with every challenge.  My life has changed for the better.  The hamster and drudge have passed into history!  I've learned to follow my heart, say no when needed, and yes when I want to, and best of all, celebrate all the blessings of my life.

The process hasn't been easy, but it has always moved in the right direction, propelled by Nancy's gentle questions and suggestions.

I can't think of anything more important and rewarding that I have done for myself, than work with Nancy." 


"I was drawn to Nancy's Family Ritual group by my desire to bring my family together in meaningful ways.  One and a half years since the birth of our child, we were still trying to find our rhythm as first time parents.  It had been just the two of us for 10 years, and now there seemed to be a disconnection that was affecting our interactions as a family.

Attending the group was what I needed: exploring specific occasions and opportunities for family ritual, helped me see what was possible for my family.  

The encouragement to act on ideas made a real difference; I felt motivated to make the time and to follow through on ideas.  Working through the difficulties in the group setting, helped me stay grounded.  It also helped me realize that when something doesn't work, there just may be a different way to achieve the same goal.

We have seen what a difference it has made for our family, when we take the time to be with each other, and fully present, on a regular basis.

Even though there is so much to do, and so many things are changing all the time, we no longer allow these things to keep us from giving our time and energy to what is most important to us.  Being with each other, in an open, receptive and fully present way, has enriched our lives."


As a culture, I believe we hunger for greater connection and community.  And yet struggle to effectively create it in our lives.  For decades I have been studying why we celebrate and what's missing in the way we celebrate.  And see a huge potential in our celebrating,  to build community and to ease connection.  We are celebrating all the time, each day in some form, and throughout the year.  If we used this time to intend to deepen connection, it could transform our lives, even the world.

So I bring my passion about this huge potential to my work.  And the Core Beliefs that I have been developing for the past 30 years, about the power of celebration, community, renewal and simplicity to create a life, a world.

I also bring to my work a keen ability to learn about what is missing in parents and families lives, and in our culture.  And help parents find creative solutions that not only solve problems, but move them into a future that is richer and more alive.

And I bring a sense of calm and presence to my work.  A deep desire to create peace in the world.  To help people know more of the wonder in themselves and each other.  And I also bring to my work, strong communication skills.

Since 2000, I have been coaching individuals and groups.  I completed a coach training program with the Coaches Training Alliance and was certified by them, as a Certified Professional Coach.

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Please contact me and give me a couple of times when you can meet with me over the phone for a few minutes, so that we can explore what kind of help you are looking for.  I would love to talk with you. 

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Your partner in creating a connected, celebrated life,

Nancy Francisco, Certified Professional Coach

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