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Out of all this growing comes moreconnection and balance.  You will find that you are collaborating more together, listening better to each other.  You and your family will have greater health and well-being.  More presence in your life.  And a greater sense of peace and fulfillment.  Being together will be more joyful and fun!

Are you interested in learning more?  Applying this process to your family life?

Here are a variety of Coaching Packages you might consider.  At different levels of time commitment, depth, support and cost.  See which one might be best for you right now.  And contact me for more information. 

A Free Workshop:   How To Be Together When No One Can Agree  

This one hour workshop will give you a great introduction to this program.  And an overview about what tends to pull families apart and bring them together.  You will come away with valuable insight into what's working and what's not working in your family life to create more connection, agreement and peace.  And a first step you might take to start making changes.  This will help you take just 1 hour out of your busy life,  to stop and reflect on some of your most important relationships!  Go here to find out more. 

A Mini Family Life Retreat: Tending The Soil 

This 1.5 hour workshop will help you take a closer look at what's working and not working in your family life.  With other parents who are committed to taking a deeper look at what kind of soil family relationships need to grow in, with vitality and strength.  This will help you look at your own health and well-being, relationships, as well as how you are balancing your busyness with time to just be.  Balancing screen time.  Family time with activities and work.  You will come away with a first step to tend the soil that nourishes all of this.  Contact me to schedule this workshop for your parenting group.  Or for a group of parent friends in your home.


A Personal Family Life Retreat: Tending The Soil,Designed By You

This 1.5 hour package includes a private coaching session with me, using the same assessment offered in the workshop above.  But focusing just on your particular family life strengths and challenges.  You will choose one area that you most want help with.  You will come away with a few steps you want to take to move your family life toward greater satisfaction and peace.  As you tend the soil that keeps your family life healthy and strong.  This session will be scheduled at a time that works best for you.  Contact me to set up a free consult. 

A 4 Session Group Series:  From Being To Agreeing...Planting Seeds And Getting Started 

Are you feeling a need for more support, accountability, structure to make these family life changes? Can you invest in a little more time and expense to get the help you need with your self-care, your partner relationship, or family mealtime?    This coaching package will give you more of the help you are looking for.  And guide you to plant 4 seeds...clarity, choice, depth and celebration. 

Clarity:  Clarity about your level of satisfaction in 8 areas of your family life connection and balance.  And a basic knowledge of how to create more balance and  connection. 

Choice:  You will find support with making a choice about which area to focus on.  Where to begin. So you can take focused action that is doable. 

Depth:  As you take action steps you will find help bringing  depth to those actions and family ritual making.  Support with getting through stuck places to get you moving again. 

Celebration:  And all along the way, as well as at the end of the program, you will experience the joy of celebration.  Celebrating all that is working:  In your family life, in the steps you take,  and in the results that you create for yourself and your family.  You will end the program with next steps to continue moving forward. 

Schedule a free consult with me,  to find out more and explore this further. 

A 3 Month Coaching Group:  Growing A Family From The Ground Up 

Are you wanting more ongoing support than a few group sessions?  Would some individual sessions along the way really help you too?  Is there more than one area of family life needing your attention?  Are you needing to join a smaller group where you get more time to speak and ask questions?  Are you wanting to foster lasting relationships with other parents?   

This package might be a good fit for you.  It includes 6 group coaching sessions, 1.5 hours each.  Three 60 minute individual sessions, to give you a combination of group and individual support.  And a private Facebook  group to keep in touch with each other between sessions and build community.  Sharing challenges, support and celebrations.  This group meets twice a monthContact me for more information and a free 20 minute consult. 

A 3 Month Personal Package:  Growing A Family From The Ground Up, Designed By You 

Are you feeling a need for individual coaching focused just on you and your family?  At a time most convenient for you?  With a choice of local in-person or over the phone sessions?  Do a number of these Growing A Family Steps really resonate with what you most want for your personal and family life now and in the future? 

This package includes two 1 hour sessions each month.  Unlimited email support in-between sessions.  You can also call me with brief concerns, challenges or to celebrate a win.  I am there for you throughout the 3 months, to support you in making changes, and help you get moving again when you feel stuck.  Moving toward greater balance and connection.  And a more joyful, satisfying personal and family life.  Contact me for more information and a free 20 minute consult. 

Next Steps

Contact me to set up a free 20 to 30 minute phone consult.  I would love to talk with you about what you are longing for right now.  What brought you to contacting me.    I invite you to a confidential, judgement free conversation with no strings attached.  Come away feeling some relief.  Some next steps.  Your questions answered.  I really look forward to hearing from you.


The ultimate purpose of this program is to help you and your family slow down and bring more presence, connection and calm to your lives.  In a 24/7 world that keeps speeding up. That offers more and more ways to stay plugged in. That tends to disconnect us from ourselves and each other.  

This program will help you find your waytoward creating a personal and family life that balances your doing with more time to just be.  And precious time for connection with your family, your partner and yourself.

Intended Results 

Other results you can expect:

  • Clarity and Insight About Where Your Life is Out of Balance.  And tools to return it to balance that you can use, for the rest of your life. 

  • Greater Health and Well-being.  You will be taking better care of yourself.   A Focusing on nurturing your greatest emotional, physical, spiritual and creative needs.

  • A Stronger, More Collabortive Partner Relationship.  You will be more skilled at listening and offering support.  You may also find that you can resolve conflict more easily and quickly.

  • More Renewing, Inspiring Family Mealtimes.  You will be eating better.  Your family will know how to listen better and have a more connecting conversation. 

  • More Calm, Connecting Bedtimes.  Your whole family will get the sleep you all desperately need. You will have regular, unhurried, focused individual time with your children.  Time to unplug and slow down.

  • More Fun, Peaceful Family Nights.  You will know more about how to have fun together as a whole family.  You will move past disagreement  over what to do together. And find more peace and joy as a family.

Here is the 5 Steps To Growing A Connected, Peaceful Family Program.  Starting from the ground your family grows in. Weeding out an over-scheduled life.  Making room for connection and presence.  Imagining what you really want to grow. 


Coaching Program For Parents

5 Steps To Growing A Connected, Peaceful Family

  1. Cultivating:  Evaluating family life for balance.   Creating an ideal family life vision and top priorities.
  2. Rooting: Identifying parent needs for self-care and creating rituals of self-care.
  3. Stemming:  Identifying parents needs for connection  and creating daily and weekly partner rituals.
  4. Leafing:  Identifying mealtime and bedtime strengths and challenges.  And creating mealtime and bedtime rituals.
  5. Flowering:  Creating a weekly Family Night Ritual that includes the whole family in fun activity and time for conversation around a meal.                                                                                              

Helping parents grow

connected families and celebrated lives

The Celebration Coach