Here are results you can expect. My guiding beliefs. My approach. And what makes me different than other coaches.

Results You Can Expect

Greater clarity

  • About what's missing in family relationships.
  • And strategies to create that connection.  Strategiestailored to your unique family's needs and situation. 
  • Help taking first steps toward your vision of a more connected family. 
  • Supportmoving through challenges along the way.

Greater balance between the doing and being of family life. 

  • Help setting priorities.  
  • Reducing an overwhelming schedule of individual activities.  
  • Creating more time to just be.  And to just be together. 
  • Increased parent self-care and well-being. 
  • Help creating family rituals that hold a place of presence in daily family life.

My Guiding Beliefs: 5 principles of celebration that I have been developing over the past 3 decades.

  1. Presence:  To celebrate is to step out of time.  Out of the busyness of our daily lives.  To even stop time.  To honor and support life changes.  To nurture our heart and soul.  To connect us to our own life's meaning.  And to each other. I can help you step out of the busyness of your life, and create rituals and celebrations that uplift, nurture and connect you.
  2. Community:  Celebrations are rich opportunities to build community and relationships.  If we were more focused on easing connection when we celebrate, we could totally change our lives.  Even the world. I can help you to build stronger relationships and community in your life, that will ripple out into the world.
  3. Balance:  Celebrations can balance our lives, balance our doing with more being.  Working with more playing,  Thinking with more creating.  Talking with more listening.  Watching with more participating.  I can help you bring these aspects of your life into greater balance.  In your celebrating and in your life.
  4. Renewal:  Celebrations have the potential to renew us...to recharge, inspire and uplift us.  To help us put the fragments of our life back together.  To leave us feeling more fulfilled, hopeful, loved.  I can help you create this kind of renewal in your everyday rituals and yearly celebrations, so that you have a regular flow of renewal in your life.
  5. Simplicity:  Celebrations can help us live more simple, sustainable lives.  Lives based on making choices and knowing what is "enough" rather than "doing it all."  Celebrations focused more on relationships than consuming things.  I can help you live and celebrate more simply.  Help you set priorities and live from a place of choice.

My Approach: What it's like to work with me.

I work collaboratively with you to produce the results that you want.  I help you clarify your priorities and design action steps that keep you moving toward your goals.  When you get stuck, I help you get into the flow of your life again, taking further action and moving forward.

I help you hold the big picture of where you want to take your life.  And hold you accountable for honoring the commitments you make toward your ultimate goal.

My Uniqueness: What Makes Me Different

My passion and vision for celebration.   And what's missing in celebration and life.  The model I have created over the past 30 years for bringing what's missing into the way we celebrate and live.

My keen ability to learn about what's missing in people's lives.  In our culture.  And help people to find creative solutions that not only solve the problem, but move them into a future that is richer and more fully alive.  I have a creative ability to put things together in a way that is innovative, unique.

My presence.  The calm that I create in my life.  The calm and clear focus that I offer my clients when they meet with me.  How I walk my talk of being present, in the moment in my own personal life.  And I'm practicing the celebration that I speak of all the time.

My deep desire to create peace in the world, and do this through who I am, how I show up day to day with people, how I treat my neighbors and contribute to my community.  How I am always looking for ways to expand on the peace that I can be in the world.

The communication skills that I have been developing over my lifetime.  I am very skillful at listening deeply, asking big questions that expand perspective in a direction that is most needed.  And expressing myself clearly, succinctly and profoundly.

Now you have a better idea about the results you can expect when you work with me.  And my approach and guiding beliefs. 

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Results:  How I Work

The Celebration Coach

Helping parents grow

connected families and celebrated lives

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