How To Be Together When No One Can Agree

5 Steps To Growing A Connected, Peaceful Family

A Free Workshop For Parent Groups & Organizations Supporting Families

Is it hard to find time to be together as a family?  Are you overwhelmedwith all the doing in your life?  But not sure you want to change anything.  Not sure where to begin to shift course?

And when you do find the time, is it hard for you to know how you want to be together?  What you want to do together?  Hard to agree on what that might be?

Does your family end up in conflict more often than you would like?  Is it easier for you each to do your own thing?

You will learn about: 

  • 5 common challenges that can create disconnection in a family. 
  • And 5 steps you can take to turn that around.

Come away with:

  • Greater insight into how to create family connection.
  • Clarity about what your family's biggest connection challenge is.
  • Confirmation about what's working to connect your family.
  • And a first step you might take to make the changes you want to make.

To Register or Book This Workshop:

  • Right now, there are no public dates for this presentation.  But please contact me if you are interested in attending one, and I can e-mail you as soon as one is scheduled. 
  • To Book This Workshop For Your Group or Friends:  If you would like to book this free workshop for your parent group or community organization, in the Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut area, just contact me to make a date and find out more details.  I could also offer this workshop in your home for a group of parents that you know.  Just contact me and we can talk about how this might work.

Tending The Soil:  A Mini Family Life Retreat 

If your family was a growing plant, what is the quality of the soil it is growing in right now?   How healthy is it to sustain you?  How balanced is it?  Does it need some fresh nutrients?  Do you need to weed out some activities that tend to pull you apart from each other?  Do you need to nourish your family life with more time to just be together? 

This 1.5 hour workshop will help you take a closer look at what's working and not working in your family life.  With other parents who are committed to taking a deeper look at what kind of soil family relationships need to grow in, with vitality and strength. 

This workshop will help you look at your own health and well-being, your partner and family relationships, as well as how you are balancing your busyness with time to just be.  Balancing screen time.  Family time with activities and work.  You will come away with a first step to tend the soil that nourishes all of this.   And a more connected, peaceful family.  Contact me to schedule this workshop for your parenting group.  Or for a group of your parent friends who would love to explore this with you. 


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